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"Our childcare agencies find and provide the best childcare for parents and local nurseries. Find a nanny, local nursery staff, and the best nanny and nursery jobs in your area."

Our bespoke childcare services ensure a personalised approach so we can fully understand what you need."

Little Therapy Space

Welcome to Little Therapy Space

A space where we want you to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

A space where you can come and find time for YOU, but also maybe find some information at a stage you, your children or family are at.

A space where you can feel Nurtured & Thrive.

Rest assured that the Professionals and Therapists here are all qualified, experienced and passionate about their chosen field so you can benefit from a wealth of knowledge through workshops, courses and 1-1’s, working with Pregnant, Postnatal and Peri/Post Menopausal women.

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In Car Safety Centre

The Experts at In Car Safety

We strive to provide comprehensive and authoritative advice, coupled with practical demonstration, in order to guide our customers in their selection of a child car seat, for both the child and vehicle(s).

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The Daisy Foundation -  Woburn, Olney, Newport, Cranfield & Leighton Buzzard

Active Antenatal Classes

Birthing education

Yoga based movement


Breathing techniques

Supportive environment

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Happy Little Eaters

Turning your Fussy Little Eater into a Happy Little Eater! I give advice on how to achieve happy family mealtimes through my blog posts and 1:1 paid phone consultations.

Thanks Grace!

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