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Mamma (on the) GoGo!

Baby-wearing means different things to different people, and I know that there are those out there that consider it to be a trend; something that new parents do to look cool.

Oh, how wrong they are.

Baby-wearing has been around since the beginning of time. There are of course practical elements for the parent, such as being hands free to look after other children, do the school run or the shopping. Yet, there is much more to it than that.

Babies were born to be close to us, especially in those early months of the fourth trimester. Nothing makes a baby more relaxed than being pressed against the chest of their parent, feeling and hearing their heartbeat and smelling their familiar smell. That’s why kangaroo care is such an important part of care for premature babies, or babies in NICU. Not to mention the lovely oxytocin that is created by being close to your baby, which is fantastic for both mother and baby.

Now to baby carriers - because the options are endless. There are woven wraps, stretchy wraps, ring slings, buckles. Different wraps to suit different needs and sizes of baby, and the crunch is that there is no one style or brand of carrier that will suit every single person. The good news is that there are many sling libraries out there where you can try and loan carriers before you buy.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the T.I.C.K.S safety guidelines and make sure that you check that you are meeting them whenever you put your baby into a carrier. These aren’t just helpful tips; they keep your baby safe. Another important thing to check is that their legs are in the optimal ‘M’ position, because a carrier that allows a baby’s legs to dangle, can lead to hip dysplasia. It’s very important that those knees are tucked up high and supported – especially in those first few months.

For us parents, with our aches, pains and injures; finding the right fit for us can be a challenge. For me, and thanks to a years-old horse-riding injury, I cannot cope with carriers that focus the weight of the baby on the shoulders and waist. I had a carrier like that, and it caused me physical pain.

Not only can this ruin your relationship with baby-wearing, but it can also have a long-lasting impact as far as your back health is concerned, and let’s face it – our backs already take a lot of strain.

It was my own experiences of using a painful (but expensive) top name brand that led me to create Mumma GoGo and bring the GoGo Pouch baby carrier to the UK market. I truly believe that it fills a gap, as it’s a high-quality and extremely supportive carrier, that’s affordable.

Is it the absolute best?

It wasn’t my intention to compete with the big brands that charge hundreds pounds. In which case, I don’t think I can claim it’s the best, and yet, there are people that do feel that it’s the best they’ve used – myself included. The people using the GoGo Pouch do consider it to be the best, and at £48.99 that makes it a pretty lovely find. Especially when it replaces a top name brand that they were previously using and not happy with.

More comfort, more support, more pocket and more affordable, is my brand slogan, and that’s what the GoGo Pouch delivers in spades. The wide waistband sits lower than many carriers and it spreads the weight and takes the pressure off the upper back. For me, being told by an A&E nurse that suffers with back pain that my carrier has made babywearing comfortable again, is EVERYTHING.

That and a rather exciting celebrity endorsement from ex-Eastenders actress, Melissa Suffield.

More pocket: well, that’s self-explanatory, because it has a large pocket that fits everything you need for a trip out, meaning you really can be hands free.

More affordable: it’s £48.99 – need I say more? Not to mention, it’s great for the warmer seasons too, because you can unzip the front panel to reveal a breathable mesh layer which allows the air to flow. Not to mention, that since it’s suitable from 5 – 15 kg, you can expect to get a lot of use out of it too.

Find out more and see it in action on my online store - & quote 'Tiny10' for a 10% discount!

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